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Carolyn Jack writes about the influences that turn human beings into the puzzling creatures they are. For years, she observed them as a journalist, writing about the creative ones who turned their pain and passion into art on stage and film. Now, with an MFA in fiction from Columbia University School of the Arts, she has traded facts for a different kind of truth.

In May 2017, Carolyn was awarded the 2016 Meringoff Prize for Fiction by the Association of Literary Scholars, Critics and Writers (ALSCW) for Chapter I of her completed novel, "Success." She also won The Westchester Review's 2016 Flash Fiction Contest for her story, "Tipping Point." Carolyn has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize twice, most recently for her short story, "Bottles," which was published in the November 2018 Pen + Brush in Ink.  Her other work includes two novellas, short stories, plays and poetry. Her film, Wall of Fame, opened the 2009 Ohio Independent Film Festival and her stage scripts have been presented in workshop by Cleveland Public Theatre and Florida Repertory Theatre.